300K Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny-related passwords targeted by hackers

It’s time for super fans of Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny to update their passwords.

new report revealed that 300,000 passwords related to Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny were at risk of getting hacked in 2022.

“Passwords tied to pop culture trends also remain popular, with SpyCloud recovering over 327,000 passwords related to artists Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny,” Business Wire reported.

Keywords related to two of the most-streamed artists of 2022 include “Taylor,” “Swiftie,” “Benito,” “Me Porto Bonito” and “Midnights.”

The popular musicians weren’t the only vulnerable pop-culture-related passwords.

Business Wire added that there were “over 261,000 related to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and over 167,000 related to Queen Elizabeth’s death and the British royal family.”

Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift attend the 65th GRAMMY Awards at Crypto.com Arena on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California
Passwords related to Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny were at risk of getting hacked in 2022.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Swift, 33, and Bad Bunny, 29, had a big year in 2022 — passwords aside.

Both of them were two of the youngest best-paid entertainers of 2022, according to Forbes, both making history with Swift as the only female on the list and Bad Bunny as the only Latino.

In just the US in 2022, Bad Bunny was the third most-streamed artist for Spotify Wrapped after Drake and Swift, respectively.

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