Alleged 6ix9ine Attacker Has Charges Dropped

If you have been following the news over the past month or so, then you know that 6ix9ine was attacked at an LA Fitness in Florida. Overall, this incident took place about a month ago. Subsequently, the artist has gone on a massive run that has included two new songs. Moreover, he has one more track on the way and it seems like he has shifted over to Latin music. As for the attack, well, three men were arrested for their alleged involvement back on March 30th. Those men were Rafael Medina Jr., Octavious Medina, and Anthony Maldonado.

Consequently, they were hit with assault and robbery charges. From there, a GoFundMe was started for one of the alleged assailants. Needless to say, there was a lot of fanfare around this case. Overall, this is mostly because of just how hated 6ix9ine is. Some fans went so far as to applaud his alleged attackers. However, being in jail on assault and robbery charges truly is no place to be. Although, there is now an update in the case that bodes well for one of the men who was initially arrested.

Anthony Maldonaldo Is Free

According to new jail documents that were posted on the No Jumper Instagram account, Anthony Maldonaldo has been released. Moreover, the charges have been fully dropped. However, it is important to note that the other two alleged assailants are still facing charges. Moreover, they are both still in jail. The case was disposed of as of April 24th, which means Maldonaldo has been free for a couple of days now. Either way, this isn’t exactly a win for 6ix9ine. Although, he is probably focused on other things right now, such as his next song.

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