Alleged 6ix9ine Gym Assailant Pleads Not Guilty

Alleged 6ix9ine Gym Assailant Pleads Not Guilty

One of the individuals accused of attacking 6ix9ine has pled not guilty. The man was allegedly involved in the violent altercation at an LA Fitness earlier this year. Court documents obtained by Radar Online reveal that Rafael Antonio Medina Jr., who is 43 years old, entered a “not guilty” plea to a felony charge of robbery without a weapon and a misdemeanor charge of battery. Rafael was arrested alongside two other suspects, including his son, Octavious Medina, and Anthony Maldonado. The charges against Maldonado were dropped last month. Rafael was released on bond but was placed under house arrest and prohibited from contacting 6ix9ine.

Later, Medina later a motion with the court seeking to be released from house arrest. He cited the need to work and provide for his family. His lawyer spoke on his behalf, explaining that he does not have a violent history. “Medina has been convicted of two felonies, both of which were non-violent drug offenses,” the lawyer said. “He has never been convicted of a crime involving violence.” The judge approved Medina’s request to travel for work while on house arrest, even though prosecutors had alleged that he was the leader of a regional branch of the Latin Kings. It’s another loss for 6ix9ine in the case after one attacker was already released.

6ix9ine Is Focused On Music, Has No Time For Critics

Earlier today, 6ix9ine took to social media to address the criticism he has received for venturing into the Spanish music market. Despite facing backlash from both supporters and detractors, the rapper defended his decision in a video. He made it clear that he had no patience for anyone questioning his motives. Speaking directly to the camera, he revealed that he owed his label a Spanish album. They allegedly paid him 3 million for it in 2020. However, 6ix9ine emphasized that this was not the only reason behind his pivot into the Spanish music industry. In his opinion, it isn’t even the most important one.

In the video, 6ix9ine appears to be upset as he responds to those who have accused him of appropriation for making rap music. He addresses the suggestion that Spanish people are not entitled to be successful in rap. 6ix9ine proudly claims that being a Spanish-speaking rapper is part of his culture, especially being from New York. He believes that people are only upset with him because he is able to appeal to a new audience. Keep your eyes on HNHH for more updates on 6ix9ine’s court case and music.

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