Beanie Sigel Says Kanye West Needs Someone Around Him To Tell Him To 'Shut The Fuck Up'

Beanie Sigel Says Kanye West Needs Someone Around Him To Tell Him To ‘Shut The Fuck Up’

Beanie Sigel has said that Kanye West is in desperate need of a colleague to tell him to “shut the fuck up,” and that Ye only has surrounded himself with people who want his money.

The South Philly MC sat down for an interview with VladTV, where he admitted that “Kanye drives his own car” and that the recent anti-semitic controversies surrounding his career were completely avoidable but unsurprising for anyone who knows Ye.

“Kanye was Kanye,” Ye’s former Roc-A-Fella labelmate said. “I think when you get to a certain point, they saw money change you, it also changes the people around you, and when you got so many people that’s on your payroll, it’s hard to get honesty from them. ”

He continued: “Kanye needs somebody around him that’s gonna tell him, ‘Shut the fuck up.’ Like, ‘Chill out, bro,’ and he gotta be able to accept that. He needs somebody that don’t care about his money.”

Beanie’s comments come as Ye continues to deal with an onslaught of controversies both legal and otherwise. Most recently, a former teacher at his Donda Academy scrutinized the rap mogul for his bizarre regulations at the school, and issued a dire warning to parents that their kids may have trouble transferring elsewhere.

The comments were made by Cecilia Hailey, who is one of two women suing Ye for wrongful termination over claims she was let go after raising concerns about the school.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Hailey stressed that things are far worse than parents realize and that Donda Academy’s student body is severely behind in their education.

“Ye West, I am so thankful for the opportunity to be at your school, but things are not going the way they should, academically, socially or spiritually,” she said. “And you need to back down and try again with people who know what they’re doing, who can execute a vision, who can help you understand that we don’t know anything about producing albums, but we know how to educate.”

She continued: “These children’s lives are in your hands and this vision, especially if you’re trying to carry out the vision of your mother, is just not working right now.”

Hailey added that the children aren’t graded on their academia and as a result, that could make it impossible for parents to transfer their kids to other schools since there is no way to gauge their performance.

Hailey and another teacher have since filed a lawsuit against Donda Academy alleging that they were fired from the school because they reported education, safety, and health code violations to the authorities and that students were only fed sushi.

Other reported violations included Kanye West’s alleged refusal to allow classes to take place on the second floor “because he’s afraid of stairs” and that no one was allowed to wear jewelry simply because the Donda hitmaker didn’t like it.

The suit also alleges that both children and teachers were not allowed to sit in chairs, thus forcing them to either use foam cushions, stools or simply stand throughout class. Students were also allegedly forced to wear black from head to toe, with Nike and adidas shoes strictly forbidden.

On March 31, Kanye West was also hit with a $275,000 breach of contract lawsuit by former Yeezy staff member Dora Szilagyi, who claims she was hired to be the Director of Product Innovation for the Yeezy brand in June 2021.

However, Szilagyi alleges West wanted her to quit her job at adidas and work for him full-time, and that she was promised a severance payment of $275,000 if she was fired without cause after September 2021. When she was let go in mid-December 2021, Szilagyi said she never received the aforementioned payment.

“Dora says she doesn’t believe Kanye or his company ever intended to follow through on the severance package and only dangled it to lure her from adidas,” TMZ reported.




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