Bhad Bhabie Rants About Chief Keef On Twitter

Bhad Bhabie has taken to Twitter to rant about something once again. This time, it’s about her relationship with her former beau Chief Keef. Back in February, Bhabie took to Twitter to express her love for Chief Keef. Some of her tweets about him remain on her page. She asked fans to tell Keef that she is sorry and loves him, adding a teary-eyed emoji. She also said that he hates her, but it’s okay because she will be back, and added a kissing emoji. However, some outlets reported that she had also tweeted that Chief Keef is the only person she will ever love.

Just last week, Bhad Bhabie spoke further about the relationship. In an interview with Emily Ratajkowski, she confessed that she has five or six tattoos dedicated to Keef. “I have one guy that managed to make it six times, five or six,” she said. The guy she is referring to is, of course, Chief Keef. “So, I have Chief Keef’s birthday, his last name, his name, his nickname, and I have ‘CK’ on my ankle, then I have his last name right here,” Bhabie revealed. “Actually, I just covered his birthday, and then I have ‘So’ on my ear, and then I have ‘Keef’ on my wrist.”

Bhad Bhabie Has Had Enough

Bhad Bhabie and Chief Keef may not be together anymore, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let people slander his name. In response to many pointing out that they thought that Keef “groomed” her and was a pedophile, she took to Twitter to dispel the rumors. “Calling someone a pedophile isn’t something you just say to troll or talk sh*t. It’s disrespectful [as f*ck],” she said in his defense. “I can’t stand the [motherf*cker] but I’m not the type of person to let someone’s name [be] ruined with lies. Dead that sh*t.”

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