Blac Chyna Shares Wisdom In Her Lastet Instagram Post

Blac Chyna Shares Wisdom In Her Lastet Instagram Post

In case you haven’t noticed, Blac Chyna who now goes by her birth name, Angela White has dawned a brand new look this year. The socialite has been a prevalent figure within pop culture within the last decade. Recently, she has been transparent about the changes she’s making.

On Wednesday, Chyna took to Instagram to flaunt her curves in a fashion-forward color-block black gown with black pumps. She also has a short face-flattering haircut which allocates her red-winged eyeshadow. Fans immediately noticed the caption included in the picture. “Playing dress up…. Sample size
Now so just gotta master my cat walk,” she said with a black heart and trophy emoji. Not only did she include images of herself. The post included several positive quotes in the thread. One of the quotes read “There are three C’s in life: choice, chance, change. You must make the choice, to the chance, if you want anything in life to change.” This quote comes timely as Blac Chyna has started to showcase her new outlook on life.

Blac Chyna Spreads Positivity

Moreover, Blac Chyna has been very candid about the different choices she is starting to make in her life. this year, as a part of her birthday celebration she revealed on Instagram that she has been baptized. She captioned the post “Born again on my Birthday,” with a prayer hands emoji. This is where fans began to notice she had taken a different approach to life. In March, she appeared on The Jason Lee Show. During the sitdown interview, Chyna revealed she had deleted her Only Fans account which brought in over a million dollars to her income. Visually, she had also removed her breast implants and face filer. “As y’all know, I’m changing my life and changing my ways. So one of the things that I feel like is gonna take me to the next level is obviously taking some of these as* shots out,” she said in a video posted on Instagram.

Furthermore, Chyna also left her Instagram followers with several more quotes. one of them being “Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your result.” Fans are left wondering what will be next for Chyna. Nonetheless, fans can infer she will be continuing her spree of positivity.

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