Bobby Shmurda Has Had It With People Reporting His Instagram

Bobby Shmurda Has Had It With People Reporting His Instagram

Bobby Shmurda is someone who has a very strong presence on social media. Overall, he loves to engage in some antics. However, it’s not like he is getting into unnecessary feuds with other artists. Instead, he is simply having a lot of fun on his accounts. Although some people have tried to question him and his sexuality as a result of his posting, Bobby continues to do as he pleases. He appears to be living his best life, and he should. After all, he is experiencing his freedom again after being locked up.

Now, however, Bobby Shmurda seems to be dealing with some massive issues as it pertains to his social media. According to a recent Instagram story, he detailed how he has been having many of his posts deleted. People keep mass-reporting him, and he has simply had enough of it. Throughout his Instagram rant below, Bobby reveals just how much this situation is angering him. Furthermore, he questions how his posts could even be perceived as bad. Especially when some people are half-naked on their IG without any repercussions.

Bobby Shmurda Speaks

“These bitch ass muthafuckas need to stop this shit with this reporting me shit bro,” Bobby Shmurda said. “It’s 2023 bro. I been home since 2021 bro. Y’all n****s need to stop reporting me! Y’all muthafuckas reporting me talking about I got girls doing this and that. Muthafucka, every time I look at my timeline you bitches naked. Bitches butt naked! Bitch look like a 13-year-old [and] they butt naked on my muthafuckin timeline. Am I telling a lie? Am I telling a lie?” Whether or not this message is actually going to get across to his fans, remains to be seen.

Hopefully, for Bobby Shmurda, this entire situation gets resolved. When you spend so much of your time on Instagram or other forms of social media, it can be tough to have that taken away. Let us know what you think of this situation, in the comments section below. Should the fans be leaving Bobby alone? Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from the music world.

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