Chloe Bailey Tries To Make A Beat

Chloe Bailey has been facing a lot of negative comments from haters lately, but she has not allowed them to affect her. Instead, she seems to be doubling down on whatever she was criticized for. It remains to be seen whether this is for the better or worse. She is currently on tour promoting her new album and has been updating her Instagram frequently. Although Chloe seems to be in a good place now, the road to get here has been a bit rocky.

Last year, Chloe announced via Twitter that her album was complete. This year, she started releasing promotional singles for the album, which was titled In Pieces. However, she faced criticism for collaborating with Chris Brown on a song, as he is a confirmed abuser. Fans were also surprised by a graphic sex scene she acted in for the Amazon series, Swarm, directed by Donald Glover. Despite the backlash, Chloe didn’t let it get to her and brushed off the criticism.

Chloe Is Having A Blast On Tour

Chloe seems like she is having a lot of fun on tour. In a new video she posted, she tries to make a beat on an Akai MPC Live 2 sampler while backstage before a show. As she plays around, an audio technician gasses her up. At the end of the video, Chloe lets out a big laugh and moves away from the sampler. It might not have been the best beat in the world, but at least she’s having fun. Chloe captioned the post “beauty and brains.”

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