Conway The Machine Reveals Challenges He Faced After Being Shot In The Face & Neck

Conway The Machine Reveals Challenges He Faced After Being Shot In The Face & Neck

Conway The Machine just dropped his new album called Won’t He Do It. Overall, Conway is a beloved Buffalo artist who came up during the incredible Griselda run in 2019. Subsequently, he has dropped some truly amazing projects since then. Moreover, he has done this despite his disability. In 2012, Conway was shot in his face and neck, which led to him being paralyzed on the right side of his face. However, he has been able to persevere through all of it. While on Ebro In The Morning, yesterday, Conway explained the hardships he faced in the aftermath of the shooting.

“When it initially happened I was only in [the hospital] for a couple weeks and then I got out. But see what I’m saying in the hood for somebody that got shot in the head and the neck that’s fast,” Conway The Machine said. “But you know how it is when your insurance is not that good and you go to the hood hospitals and stuff. They need them beds and them rooms so they’re just trying to get you up out of there, and they actually released me kinda too early and I had to go back for another period of time…I had one surgery and that was just to get the bullet out of my neck.”

Conway The Machine Speaks

Furthermore, he spoke on the limitations that came with his nerve damage. Overall, there was a whole lot of rehabilitation involved. It took him over a year before he could do certain things again. “That’s all I had was severe nerve damage on my right side,” he said. “Really in all my arms and legs. I had no feeling, I couldn’t lift this can, I couldn’t walk to the bathroom. So even outside the hospital, I was dealing with that for a year and a half.”

Overall, it is incredible to think that Conway has been able to do everything he’s accomplished. This is not an easy thing to overcome, yet he’s done just that. With his new album out, he continues to be an inspiration for many. Let us know what you think of the new project, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world.

Conway Shows Footage From 2012

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