Doja Cat Shares Snippet Of New Album During Livestream

Doja Cat Shares Snippet Of New Album During Livestream

Doja Cat is stirring up controversy once again with her latest social media statements. The musician has been building anticipation for her upcoming album by teasing fans with unreleased song snippets on Instagram Live. Today, she revealed that the new album will be titled First of All. She also tweeted about her previous albums, claiming that both Hot Pink and Planet HER were simply “cash grabs.” She added that she could now disappear to an island and spend time with loved ones while fans weep for “mediocre pop.”

Doja Cat has previously tweeted that she is done with pop music, and has also acknowledged that some of her rap verses are not the best. Despite this, she enjoys making music. Doja believes that her resentment towards pop music could be due to the way it is overplayed. She was recently rewarded for reaching a billion spins on the radio. The artist also feels that her music is constantly being shoved down people’s throats. Earlier today, however, Doja finally gave fans a longer taste of new material.

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Doja Wasn’t Kidding About “No More Pop”

A few weeks ago, Doja Cat went live on Instagram to give fans a sneak peek of the upcoming album. However, instead of playing full songs, she previewed a few seconds from each track. When fans asked for more, she played one second from the beginning and middle of each song. However, she eventually reverted to her usual trolling behavior, playing bad beats she found on YouTube. While this may have frustrated some fans, Doja appeared to be having fun.

Today, however, Doja gave fans an actual taste of the album. She really wasn’t kidding when she said she wasn’t making pop music. The snippet sounds very much like a modern version of 90s hip-hop. The beat is simple, just a drum machine and a live bassline. In part of the clip, Doja raps over the beat. In another part, the hook can be heard. During that portion, Doja sings the lyrics, “When life’s like this, I’m thankful / when life’s like this, be grateful.” What do you think of the new snippet? Let us know in the comments!

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