Doja Cat Teases Met Gala Outfit In New Photo

Doja Cat has been all over the place lately. Between her Twitter rants, Instagram lives, public appearances, and guest spots, it’s been impossible to escape her. It looks like there may be a reason for that. According to what fans have deduced from Doja’s latest tweets, her new lead single may be coming in about a month. The multihyphenate’s last album, Planet Her, was released in 2021 to critical and commercial success. It produced hit singles like “Woman,” “Need To Know,” and “Get Into It (Yuh).”

After her latest public appearance, it seems that fans have been having a little too much fun with Photoshop. At least, according to Doja, they have. She took to her Twitter to post about her distaste for the latest fan edits. “Saw somebody edit hair onto my head for this look i did last night,” she tweeted, “and it made me mad so i wanted to let them know they should be making money instead.” She then went on to say that she would be leaving Twitter for the next 4 weeks and would only come back when her lead single drops. This led fans to theorize that Doja unintentionally announced the release date of the track. It’s still unclear if this is accurate. Since Doja is taking a social media break, we likely won’t know until right before the drop.

Doja’s Mysterious Met Gala Tease

Doja did take to Instagram to post a new look at what could be her Met Gala look for this year. However, the picture provided very little insight into what she will be wearing. Many celebrities are gearing up for the event, which takes place later tonight. Doja has already been spotted in New York City, where it takes place. The theme for this year’s Met Gala is “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” which is a tribute to the late designer’s incredible body of work. If Doja’s recent red carpet looks are anything to go off of, the final look will be out of this world.

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