Elon Musk Corrected By Twitter For Questioning Shooter’s Neo-Nazi Ties

Elon Musk Corrected By Twitter For Questioning Shooter’s Neo-Nazi Ties

Even Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter couldn’t escape the scrutiny of the social platform’s community notes. The notes, which appear as warning labels on posts, aim to combat misinformation on the platform. However, one note that corrected Elon’s false statement seems to have disappeared. During an interview with CNBC, Musk made a pretty controversial statement regarding a shooting. The shooting in question took place earlier this month in Allen, Texas. There, a gunman killed eight people at an outlet mall. The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that the shooter had neo-Nazi ties. Musk claimed, however, “there’s no proof he is” a white supremacist. He also suggested that false accusations of white supremacy should be avoided.

A Twitter user noticed Musk’s error and shared the CNBC clip. They commented, “Musk doubles down on his claims that there’s no evidence the Allen, Texas mall shooter had white supremacist beliefs.” The tweet was promptly flagged by Twitter’s community notes, which provided a correction. “Texas police have confirmed that Allen mall shooter ‘had neo-Nazi tattoos and beliefs’ and wore a patch signifying ‘right-wing death squad,’” it said. While the community note was visible on Tuesday night, it had vanished by Wednesday morning. The reason for its removal is unclear, and it is uncertain whether Elon Musk had any involvement in its deletion. You can check out his comments in the video below.

Musk Won’t Be In Charge Of Twitter Much

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Those who have been dissatisfied with the way that Elon Musk has handled his Twitter acquisition will find one of his latest tweets very satisfying. The billionaire has revealed that he has chosen a new CEO to take his place at Twitter. The announcement was made earlier this month. It came five months after Musk confirmed that he would be stepping down as the company’s CEO. Musk stated that she will start her new role next month. Meanwhile, he will take on the position of executive chair and chief technology officer.

Musk expressed his excitement over the appointment and tweeted, “Excited to announce that I’ve hired a new CEO for X/Twitter. She will be starting in ~6 weeks! My role will transition to being exec chair & CTO, overseeing product, software & sysops.” What do you think of Musk’s latest controversial comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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