Emani Blasts Bambi For Posting Receipts Of Erica Dixon Allegedly Abusing Her

Emani Blasts Bambi For Posting Receipts Of Erica Dixon Allegedly Abusing Her

Some drama between two “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” stars just took an even sharper turn with one of their daughters jumping into the ring. Moreover, Emani Richardson just hopped on Instagram Live to bash Bambi for posting alleged receipts that Emani’s mother, Erica Dixon, abused her. Furthermore, Emani said that Bambi can’t even take care of her other kids and criticized her for talking on behalf of her and thrashing her mother through the mud. Overall, it was quite the heated message, as she also dismissed those claims that Erica abused her in the past. Not only that, but this follows a scathing message that Bambi had for Erica Dixon.

“Y’all so mad cuz I’m really ‘that lady,’” Bambi wrote on her Instagram Story. “But you’ll never be anything other than ‘that n***a baby moma’ @msericadixon. Since you wanna play with me… the reason why I never liked your a** is because since your child was 8 years old she confided in me about you bullying her and two piecing her a**! I let people think otherwise and never spoke up because Scrapp was handling it with the court and she was underage.

Emani Trashes Bambi For Dragging Erica Dixon

“But b***h f**k you!” Bambi continued against Erica Dixon, speaking on her relationship with daughter Emani. “It’s up. And here is one incident report of many. Now pipe tf down & show some respect to that lady that consoled your baby after you busted her s**t all those times.” What’s more is that Bambi actually posted a full legal document alleging abuse on her Instagram Story as well, adding fuel to the fire. Moreover, that seems to have angered Emani the most.

“Public record,” Bambi captioned the picture of the legal document in question. “Please stop playing. I love this child and kept my mouth closed but y’all doing the most! You sent the cops to my house being petty as usual. And then your child wanted to talk to them and tell them this s**t on her own.” Given this is a nasty and complicated web of beef, a lot of people are advising young Emani to stay out of it. Regardless, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Emani, Erica Dixon, and Bambi.

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