Fat Joe Delivers Hopeful Knicks Prediction

Fat Joe is one of the most prominent fans of the New York Knicks. Although Spike Lee is probably a cut above him, there is no doubt where Joe’s allegiances lie. Overall, he has stuck with the team throughout the worst and best of times. However, throughout the years, there haven’t been too many reasons to cheer for this team. Now, the Knicks are actually looking very good. They dispatched the Cleveland Cavaliers in just five games in the first-round. Moreover, they caught a break as the Milwaukee Bucks fell to the Miami Heat in the first round.

Subsequently, the Knicks are going to face off against the Heat. Yesterday morning, when Fat Joe appeared on First Take, it was unknown if the Heat would move on. That said, it didn’t stop the artist from giving his predictions about the Knicks’ next series. As you will see below, the legendary rapper is very excited about facing Miami. In fact, he believes the Eastern Conference Finals are a lock for his team right now.

Fat Joe Is An Optimist

“We killing Miami if they come. Oh no we are,” Fat Joe explained. “I see them clicking on all four and what’s so crazy the fact that Randle get hurt, it let Obi and all the guys off the bench — Quickley — and they built this confidence. And it all started when we brought in [Josh] Hart. Brunson doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He didn’t make the All-Star Game. Brunson is MVP. The Knicks haven’t won in 20 years. All of a sudden we winning it’s because of his poise, his winning mentality.”

Stephen A. Smith was very intrigued by this possibility. Additionally, Fat Joe and Stephen A. think the NBA Finals aren’t that much of a stretch. The Knicks have been solid against the Celtics this season, which could potentially lead to an upset. However, the rapper still thinks teams like the Denver Nuggets have the best shot at actually winning the title. Let us know who you have winning it all, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the sports world.

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