Finesse2tymes And His 3 Girlfriends Post Up Together

Modern dating is messier than it ever has been in decades past, with more and more people leaning towards options like non-monogamy and polyamory. After his failed relationship with Erica Banks, that seems to be the move for Finesse2tymes, who revealed in a recent interview that he’s in a relationship with three different women. “I gotta have more than one woman,” he told Angela Yee on Lip Service a few weeks back. “I know that one of ’em, or two of ’em, they get along, I kinda just threw it at them. Like this is what it is,” the southern star further added of how his situation came to be.

While many social media users have made it clear that they don’t approve, Finesse continues to do him regardless. On Sunday (May 14), his Instagram feed lit up with a photo dump showing off the women in his life, along with some words of wisdom. “Chocolate, Caramel, or Red, long as she ’bout that bread,” the “How to Act” hitmaker wrote in his caption, making it clear that his type is a lady who knows a thing or two about making money moves.

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Finesse2tymes Shows Off the Women in His Life

The first image shows Finesse posing by himself in a grey and beige outfit, a white styrofoam cup in his hand. Immediately afterward he introduces us to his collection of curvaceous lovers, all three happily standing by their shared man for a series of snapshots. To end his post, the 30-year-old gave his followers a lesson on mastering “the art of timing.” “Never seem to be in a hurry,” the screenshot he shared begins.

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