Flo Rida Fails To Appear For Family Court

Flo Rida has had a string of trials and tribulations these past few months. In March, his 6-year-old son Zohar accidentally fell out of a 5-story apartment building. The 50-foot fall caused tragic injuries for the young child. According to Flo Rida’s ex-wife, Alexis Adams, Zohar suffered, “a shattered pelvis, left metatarsal fractures, Grade 3 liver laceration, internal bleeding and collapsed lungs.” Not only that, she filed a lawsuit against Pitch Perfect 74, LLC, Goldberg Management – the landlord that owns the complex where her child nearly lost his life. Since then, Adams has also called out Flo Rida who is reportedly refusing to pay Zohar’s medical bills.

Moreover, Flo Rida was reportedly ordered to pay for their disabled child’s medical bills and wellness in a 2018 court-mandated child support agreement. However, The “Get Low” rapper is seemingly evading his fatherly duties at this time. His son, Zohar, has autism and has a rare condition called hydrocephalus. Furthermore, Flo-Rida posted a sentiment regarding his son on his Instagram saying, “I am just so grateful that my son is alive, fighting, and is still here with me. He’s a real-life superhero.”

Flo Rida Wants To Appear In Court Through Zoom

In the wake of their son’s tragic accident, Flo Rida is still giving pushback. The “Good Feeling” rapper failed to appear in NYC Family Court Tuesday, instead opting to attend through Zoom. Safe to say the judge was less than thrilled. While Flo Rida was ordered to pay for 100% of Zohar’s medical bills, that has not been the case. Recently, Flo was awarded over $80 million in an energy drink lawsuit. However, Alexis requested the judge order the rapper to put $400,000 in a bank account to help pay for various expenses for their son.

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