Ice Cube Announces Big3 Docuseries

In 2017, Ice Cube announced the formation of Big3. The Big3 is a 3-on-3 basketball league featuring former NBA stars and up-and-coming international players. The league features 12 teams, all helmed by former NBA players. The 2023 season is set to begin in June.

The league has a lot of star power, both on and off the court. With Ice Cube as the founder, former NBA legend Cylde Drexler serves as the commissioner. Players include Mario Chalmers, Rashard Lewis, Serbian 3×3 star Dušan Bulut, and Nick Young. Trilogy, coached by NBA journeyman Stephen Jackson and captained by James White, are the two-time defending champions.

Ice Cube Reveals Docuseries

Ice Cube has announced that fans will now get an in-depth look at the league in a new docuseries. The series will look at the trial and tribulations behind the league, including the obstacles Cube has faced to get the stature that the league has accrued. Furthermore, the series will not shy away from the legal battle the league waged against Qatari investors in 2018. Big3 sued the Qatar-based investment fund for $1.2 billion over claims that the investors were trying to meddle in and influence the league. The series will also highlight the tense relationship that the league has had with the NBA over the years. This has primarily been a result of drawing international players away from the league.

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