Ice Spice Seen Filming Mystery Project At McDonald’s In New York: Watch

Ice Spice Seen Filming Mystery Project At McDonald’s In New York: Watch

Her discography is still relatively small, having only released her debut EP, Like..? a few months ago. Regardless, Ice Spice is clearly one of the biggest names in female rap right now. For instance, she’s already collaborated with the likes of Lil Tjay and Nicki Minaj. Less than a year after she initially blew up, the 23-year-old has consistently beat the “one-hit wonder” allegation attached to her following the arrival of “Munch (Feelin’ U),” and it doesn’t look as though she plans to stop anytime soon.

Her latest musical release came in the form of the “Princess Diana (Remix)” with the Queen of Rap last month. Since then, we’ve also heard some throwaway titles, such as “Like,” surface online, as well as Spice’s promise of her first album dropping later in 2023. She’s mostly kept busy with public appearances at the Met Gala and in Italy as of late. However, fans also spotted the lyricist out and about in New York City recently. At the time, she appeared to be filming something for an upcoming mystery project.

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Ice Spice Takes Over NYC

In one clip shared on TikTok, Spice stands in the middle of a lush, green park. Cameras – both at the hands of professionals and fans – are all around her. She appears calm while standing in the midst of chaos, carrying a small fuzzy purse and wearing pants that use a trompe l’oeil effect to accentuate her famously curvy figure. In another video that’s circulating, the Bronx Baddie makes an appearance at a McDonald’s in Fordham. There, she seemingly takes direction from a production team member while sipping on a small drink.

While some in the replies are expressing disappointment in the rap diva’s style choices, others are curious to find out the details of what she’s been so hard at work on in NYC. Are you excited to see what Isis Gaston has in store for the Spice Cabinet next? Let us know in the comments, and tap back in with HNHH later for more pop culture/hip-hop news updates.

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