Jack Harlow Roasted Online For Shirtless Album Cover

Jack Harlow is one of those artists that is either loved or hated. For the most part, Harlow gets a lot of love. Although, his latest album left some people feeling as though he didn’t put his best foot forward. Overall, Harlow has a ton of talent, and he has gone through some interesting transformations. If you listened to him before he blew up, you would know that his sound was quite different. Some want him to go back to that sound, while his new fans prefer what he is doing now. No matter what, he remains a chart-topping artist.

Consequently, fans have been wanting some new music. Interestingly enough, Jack Harlow came out of nowhere today and revealed that he had a new album coming out called Jackman. He hasn’t released a lead single, so this revelation came as a surprise. However, in just two days, we will have some new music from Jack Harlow, which is a cause for celebration. As for the album cover, Harlow could be seen in an alley somewhere with trash cans in the back. Additionally, he is shirtless on the cover.

Jack Harlow Reveals His Album Cover

As you can imagine, the shirtless picture that is his album cover has become quite controversial. Already, there have been a ton of reactions to it on social media. One user wrote, “man just used a random shirtless picture as an album cover? I’m streaming anyways.” However, not everyone is being as nice about it. “The trash behind being a preview of what the album will sound like,” another person said. Meanwhile, another fan questioned, “worst album cover of all time?”

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