Jonathan Majors Accuser Granted Protection Order

On March 25, actor Jonathan Majors was arrested in New York City. The 33-year-old, known for Creed III and Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, was charged with misdemeanor strangulation, assault, and harassment. The reported victim was his girlfriend, who has not been named in the interest of her privacy. However, more women have since come forward with similar accusations.

Once a star on the rise, Majors has now become an industry pariah. He is reportedly a free agent after being dropped by his management. Furthermore, he has been removed from several upcoming projects. Notably, Marvel has not yet released any information as to whether he will remain as Kang in the MCU. Majors has maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings. Additionally, Majors alleges that he was the victim, not the woman pressing charges. However, there now there has been a major update in his case.

Manhattan DA Grants Protection Order

Majors’ alleged victim in the March 25 assault has been granted a temporary order of protection. Colloquially known as a restraining order, a temporary order of protection prevents an alleged abuser from contacting their alleged victim. It is often put in place to protect reported victims prior to trial proceedings. “Today a judge granted a Full Temporary Order of Protection for the victim, per the People’s request and with the consent of defense counsel,” Manhattan District Attorney’s Office press secretary Doug Jones said in a statement.

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