JT Turns Up With Her Driver: Watch

JT is quick to bring the energy when it comes to turning up. Not only that, anybody can get it when it comes to JT clapping back at fans. If it’s one that JT does not play about, it’s her relationship with Hip-Hop rock star Lil Uzi Vert. Recently, since Uzi has been branching it with his new alter ego “Leslie,” JT has had to check a couple of social media users. The pair are a modern Bonnie and Clyde (minus the dying part). They’re each other’s ride or die to the fullest. Whether they’re spoiling each other with lavish luxuries or defending each other from menacing keyboard warriors, they got each other’s back.

“Uzi got her dressed like the ‘Bride of Chucky’” one commenter tweeted. While garnering a mere 1.2k likes for the diss, it landed on JT’s radar. However, she had time that day. “It’s really not funny as it was years ago!” She replied to the keyboard assassin. JT continued her rant, “B***h I had on my outfit for my show get off his d**k obsessed asf!!” Moreover, that wasn’t the end of the City Girls’ rhymer social media terror. A couple of days later, JT came for some more haters talking trash. She clapped back at the internet troll for making comments that their baby looks like Finesse2Tymes.

JT’s Driver Bumpin’ Young Dolph

In other news, JT recently posted a video of her turning up to Young Dolph (R.I.P) with none other than her driver yesterday morning. The footage has gone viral. Reportedly, the video shows JT in the backseat of an assumed rideshare vehicle. However, this isn’t your everyday driver. The car is draped in lights akin to club lighting. The driver, an older gentleman, is spittin’ bars from Young Dolphs breakout single, “Preach.”

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