Kourtney Kardashian Bares Her Butt in Risqué Keyhole Skirt

Kourtney Kardashian is getting cheeky.

In a recent Instagram Story, the Kardashians star posted a shot of herself in a two-piece denim outfit from behind. The dark jean look had nude criss cross stitching down the back of the jacket. As for the keyhole skirt, the sticking was crossed right on Kourtney’s butt, giving viewers a glimpse at her sheer stockings underneath.

The Poosh founder’s photo story comes a week after another pic made waves on her feed. After posting a photo dump which featured a snap of her bathroom floor covered with multiple plates of food, the comments went wild.

“Food on the toilet, that’s nasty,” one confused user wrote underneath her March 27 post. “Food in the bathroom is not the move.”

However, Kourtney later took to her Instagram Stories to address the strong reactions, writing, “the comments about this photo” with swirly-eyed emojis. As it turns out that picture was simply a behind-the-scenes look at her and husband Travis Barker‘s campaign for their plant-based chicken company, Daring.

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But Kourtney isn’t letting any online chatter bother her—in fact, she recently poked fun at the haters on TikTok by reading mean comments about herself.

After one user asked, “Can the Kardashians just retire,” Kourtney—who sported her new platinum blonde hair, blue jeans, and a tee—pondered the question in a March 23 TikTok video and quipped, “That would be nice!”

Kourtney Kardashian

After another user asked why she speaks in slow motion, Kourtney had the best response: “Because it’s a vibe.”

Another vibe? Stealing your hubby’s t-shirts, something the reality star knows all too well. After a troll asked her if she knows who Agnostic Front is, alluding to a shirt she previously wore with the band on it, she simply explained, “Absolutely not, and we’re not playing that game today. It is a shirt from my husband’s closet and I will wear his shirts for life.”

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