Larsa Pippen Says She Knew She Had Feelings For “Best Friend” Marcus Jordan When She Was “Jealous”

Back in November of 2022, Larsa Pippen was denying that she was dating Marcus Jordan, who just so happens to be the son of NBA icon Michael Jordan.

Rumors had been circulating and the couple had been spotted out together numerous times. But the Real Housewives of Miami star stayed mum until making it Instagram official with Marcus in January. Prompting us all to say, “Yeah, we know.”

Now Larsa is sharing with People how she knew that Marcus was more than just a friend. Said Larsa, “I think it was one night we went out and there was a girl that was there. She was trying to talk to him, and I was getting jealous over it.”

Larsa added, “And it was weird because I’m not really the jealous person, but I was jealous over the situation. And so then, I was thinking maybe I do really like him. That kind of sealed the deal.”

The RHOM star maintained that the unconventional relationship “had a great foundation as friends” after they met four years ago in L.A. “I do feel like timing is everything and it started off just getting to know each other and then, here we are,” she shares.

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Larsa famously finalized her divorce from ex-husband Scottie Pippen a year ago, after four kids and twenty-four years of marriage. Fun fact – Scottie is famous for being part of a dream team of NBA players, which includes Marcus’ dad. The two legends won six championships together while playing for the Chicago Bulls.

But before Larsa found love with Marcusshe tried her hand at dating, with disappointing results. She continued, “For me, I just could never be open and open to different guys. I would find faults in every guy. I had all these quirky things and then low and behold, Marcus drops down from heaven. And I’m like, I like everything about him.”

Despite relationships being “really hard,” Larsa wants to make Marcus happy. “I feel like I always joke around and I say, ‘Oh my God, if Marcus told me to color my hair green, I’m going to do it.’ Just because I feel like I have to make him happy because he makes me so happy.”

The OnlyFans content creator concluded, “The thing with me is this, I like to be led [in relationships], but I haven’t trusted anyone to lead me until now.”

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