Latest AI Drake Song Recycles 2019 Soundcloud Track

Drake is an inescapable force, even more so now that he’s the focus of AI-generated songs. This week, another song emerged online, following the success of “Heart On My Sleeve,” as UMG and other parties attempt to bar artificial intelligence from dominating the music industry. A new song titled “Not A Game” surfaced online and began making the round but according to The Verge, the song has actually been around for years. The publication explained that the song’s composition includes elements from another song, while Drake’s voice serves as a new component.

The vocals initially appeared on the website Looperman, which hosts loops and samples for producers, for noncommercial purposes in late 2019. A number of renditions of the records popped up since then. However, it only began to gain steam with the use of AI Drake. The individuals who use the vocals must credit Sean Pharo. However, on “Not A Game,” Pharo’s vocals are processed through AI to replicate Drake’s while the production, created by Cedes, is modified. Ultimately, neither Cedes’s production nor Pharo’s vocals had significant traction until AI Drake’s inclusion.

AI Drake’s Domination

Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of AI-generated Drake songs that have landed on YouTube, Soundcloud, and even streaming services. “Heart On My Sleeve,” for example,” features automated vocals from Drake and The Weeknd. Given the fact that it’s been years since they actually collaborated, fans were ecstatic to hear the two of them on the same track, even if it wasn’t real. Ultimately, UMG had the song removed but not before fans speculated whether or not this was some sort of publicity stunt.

The rise of AI-generated vocals has led to concerns within the music industry, though hip-hop, as a whole, hasn’t necessarily shunned technological advancement. While UMG and Drake spoke out against the use of AI, artists like Hit-Boy have embraced it. The King’s Disease producer shared a snippet of his single, “2 Certified” featuring AI Kanye. “AI is getting insane. @kanyewest rapping 2 certified sound too crazy,” he wrote with a mind-blowing emoji.  While divisive, AI could serve as a fantastic tool for producers trying to land placements.

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