Lauren Daigle, Jana Kramer, Niecy Nash react to Nashville school shooting: ‘Will never understand’

Celebrities are expressing sadness, anger and are sharing their own anecdotes after a shooter entered a Nashville elementary school on Monday and killed six people.

Christian singer Lauren Daigle, who was scheduled to perform an album preview concert Monday, postponed her show and hosted a prayer vigil instead in the wake of the attack.

“Today’s shooting is truly heartbreaking for our Nashville community and all of those impacted,” Daigle wrote on Instagram. “If you need a safe place to come pray, mourn, and be with your community, please join us. The doors are open for all.”

The attacker, identified as Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28, was a former student at Nashville’s The Covenant School and broke into facilities Monday morning by shooting the glass from a door. Hale gunned down three young students and three staff members before being confronted and killed by police.

As news of the shooting spread, many celebrities, including those who call Nashville home, spoke out about the attack which marks the 89th shooting on school grounds this year, according to the K-12 School Shooting Database.

Country singer and actress Jana Kramer who lives and raises her two young children in Nashville took to social media Monday saying her children are OK, but said  that she has friends whose children attend the school where the shooting took place.

Celebrities are expressing sadness and anger after a mass shooting at a Nashville elementary school killed six people.
Celebrities are expressing sadness and anger after a mass shooting at a Nashville elementary school killed six people.

“My heart is absolutely breaking for the children and the families right now,” Kramer wrote on her Instagram story Monday. “Why. Why. Why. I just will never understand.”

Mickey Guyton expressed her frustration “as a mother” on Twitter, writing: “Shame on every single politician ok with doing nothing as CHILDREN are getting assassinated on an everyday basis in a place that is supposed to be their safe haven.”

Other celebrities pointed their statements toward Tennessee Governor Bill Lee who in 2021 signed a law allowing those over 21 to carry a handgun without a permit.

The shooting also comes on the heels Gov. Lee’s recent signature on a law restricting drag performances on public property, which was passed earlier this month.

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Nashville-based singer Margo Price wrote, “Can I ask you, @GovBillLee why you passed permit less carry in 2021? Our children are dying and being shot in school but you’re more worried about drag queens than smart gun laws? You have blood on your hands.”

Niecy Nash shared a teary personal anecdote with her Instagram and TikTok followers revealing that her brother died of gun violence on his high school campus in 1993, adding that the news of the Nashville shooting makes her “heart heavy.”

“It’s 2023 and (they’re) babies who will never make it home to see their parents. And those parents will forever be in a space and place where they are like ‘what was the last thing I said? What was the last lunch I made?’ ”

She added: ” We are losing our way. Some political groups are so focused on the wrong thing that our children are dying.”

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