LeAnn Rimes, Mickey Guyton, Sheryl Crow and More Country Stars React to Nashville School Shooting

“Pray for Nashville. A shooting at school has occurred. Three children dead. praying for these babies & their families. Absolutely devastating,” wrote country singer Carly Pearce

Amy Sussman/Getty; Kevin Mazur/Getty; Taylor Hill/Getty
Amy Sussman/Getty; Kevin Mazur/Getty; Taylor Hill/Getty

Several country musicians are speaking out after tragedy struck the genre’s capital of Nashville.

According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, a 28-year-old shooter who was a former student at The Covenant School opened fire inside the private elementary school on Monday morning, killing three children and three adults.

Sheryl Crow and other country music stars reacted to the news on social media. “No words… The Convent School. Our children deserve better. Praying for all affected. Tragic America,” wrote Crow, 61, on her Instagram Story.

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LeAnn Rimes responded to CNN’s video coverage of the shooting on Twitter: “There are no words, just rage and heartbreak for these children and their families. i can’t even fathom what is this doing to the psyches of every child and parent in this country. absolute terror every time a child goes to a place that should be safe. #Nashville.”

Mickey Guyton tweeted: “I try to stay off here for my mental health but for the love of God! As a mother, I’m pissed the f— off. Shame on every single politician ok with doing nothing as CHILDREN are getting assassinated on an everyday basis in a place that is supposed to be their safe haven.”

Pray for Nashville. A shooting at a school has occurred. Three children dead. Praying for these babies & their families. Absolutely devastating,” wrote Carly Pearce.

Brett Young tweeted: “We are praying with our Nashville community for everyone involved in today’s horrific shooting.”

Cole Swindell also mentioned the shooting in his acceptance speech for Country Song of the Year at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles on Monday night.

“I just want to send my prayers and lots of love back to our community in Nashville, Tennessee, that’s hurting beyond belief right now,” Swindell, 39, said.

Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill addressed Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee directly in his tweet: “A school shooting just happened near my sons’ school. Multiple children dead but let’s make sure that the gunman had his 2nd Amendment rights. F— you Bill Lee and f— the NRA.”

Margo Price also addressed Lee and the state’s gun policy: “4 dead so far in an elementary school shooting in Nashville this am. Can I ask you, @GovBillLee why you passed permitless carry in 2021? Our children are dying and being shot in school but you’re more worried about drag queens than smart gun laws? You have blood on your hands.”

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John Osborne spoke out about the shooting and pending state legislation restricting drag performances, captioning his Instagram post: “Thoughts and prayers.”

“I’m just leaving the NICU after getting to feed our baby Maybelle for the first time, and less than ten minutes away from where I was doing that, one of the most tragic events that could ever happen in someone’s life happened in our city of Nashville,” Osborne, 40, said. “This news has never been easy, but I will say as a new parent, it all very much hits different now.

“My heart breaks for those families. All of my love and thoughts and prayers and everything I have will go out to them,” he continued. “But just know I got to hold my daughter who’s less than a week old today, and three families are not going to again because of these disgusting, vile acts.”

Osborne added: “Our legislature in less than five days is going to pass a law. What is that law? Is it a red flag law? No. Is it a law to help make sure that psychos have less access to firearms? No. It’s to ban f—ing drag shows.”

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“It’s ridiculous. The amount of mental gymnastics it must take for that to make sense, I can’t fathom it. And apparently, it’s to keep kids safe, so just think about that. Chew on that for a second,” he said. “I’m sure some of you are thinking it’s not the right time for this rant and this point, but frankly, I think it’s the perfect time. My heart goes out to them.”

Jason Isbell responded to Lee’s tweet about the shooting, criticizing the governor’s response: “Is this what we want? Monitoring the ‘tragic situation’ and asking for prayers? Something can be done Bill you just don’t have the spine for it. This must be what you want, because you haven’t done anything to prevent it.”

lex marie allen/Instagram
lex marie allen/Instagram

Ryan Hurd, 36, wrote on his Instagram Story: “I don’t even know what to say. I have been in tears all day. This is our backyard. I don’t know if I know these people but I know they are at the very least friends of friends without even knowing their names. For 6 families, ‘could have been worse’ is just not true. We are heartbroken.

“I just want to hug these families. Cry with them. I pray and I mourn with them. I am just so sad. I feel helpless. I hold them up in love and also rage,” he continued. “These are kids who will never come home and I cannot handle that. Beautiful, sweet babies who are learning cursive and playing soccer on the weekends.”

summer pardi/Instagram
summer pardi/Instagram
lauren lane/Instagram
lauren lane/Instagram

Jimmie Allen‘s wife Alexis Gale reposted PEOPLE’s breaking announcement of the shooting on her Instagram Story, writing, “WHY WHY WHY this is absolutely ridiculous. Praying for ALL families of Nashville and all outside communities dealing with this. This should never be a headline. We should never have to worry if our babies are going to make it out of school alive… These are children, my god.”

Gale concluded, “We are scared. We are furious. We are tired. Make it f—ing stop.”

Jon Pardi‘s wife Summer Pardi also reposted a news post about the shooting on her Instagram Story, writing: “Heartbroken for these families. Sick to my stomach that this keeps happening… I don’t understand how this kind of evil exists.”

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Chris Lane‘s wife Lauren Bushnell Lane shared a photo of their 21-month-old son Dutton Walker, writing, “Can u believe as a country we do nothing. Can you believe there are people who think we shouldn’t at least try to do SOMETHING and even more disturbing actually fight against any attempts at positive change and offer no alternate solutions.

“I’m sad. Once again. Thankful I get to tuck my babies in to bed tonight,” concluded Lauren.

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