Lil Durk Claims He’s Blackballed

Lil Durk, one of Chi-towns finest, is one to always speak his mind regardless of the consequences or response. Although he’s got a 10-year tenure in the game, it wasn’t until recently that he started to receive his flowers as a superstar. From classic love songs with Dej Loaf to summer anthems with the 6ix God, Durk’s got range. Lil Durk, along with a slew of others, put the drill music scene on the map. However, with the meteoric rise of Chief Keef, it was hard to see in the beginning. Since the 2010s, The Voice has been doing well for himself. Lil Durk’s grind doesn’t stop.

Moreover, with his features, tours, and community service, it’s clear that Smurk is not just a Chicago rapper, he’s a leader in his community. However, recently, Lil Durk posted on his Instagram story that the grind was long due to extra hurdles. On his story, it read, “I been doing this black balled (laughing emoji),” indicating that the although he’s been putting in the work, the industry is working against him. Being “black balled” isn’t uncommon within the music game (just ask 6ix9ine). However, many artists claim that is the reason why their careers get stunted. Whether you’re Ye West, Tyler The Creator, or Lil Durk the possibility for being blackballed, especially in this day in age of “cancel culture” has risen exponentially.

Lil Durk Speaks On Being Black Balled

When Durk made the post, it raised a ton of eyebrows. Fans and contemporaries alike were puzzled as to who would want to blackball Smurk. The post even prompted comments from Ski Mask the Slump God. He claims that the Chicago native has way too much motion for him to believe that. Not only that, many fans speculated whether or not it was due to his beef with NBA Youngboy.

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