Logic Speaks On Dad Asking For $1 Million Dollars

In case you have not noticed, Logic has been adamant about being a family man. In January he revealed he and his wife are expecting another child. Additionally, he has opened up about his upbringing frequently. Logic has talked about being biracial with an African American father numerous times throughout his musical catalog. This week, an interview began to surface of Logic speaking on his dad’s monetary wishes.

On May 10th, a Tik Tok was posted by the user “cliynq” showing Logic’s appearance on the Whiskey Ginger w/ Andrew Santino podcast. In the interview posted on May 5th, Logic got candid about his more recent reconnection with his father. He discovered he and his Father both are musicians. Additionally, he revealed his father asked him for $1 million dollars to contribute to his musical plans. “I want a million dollars for my band so we can buy a house and make music in it,” he said paraphrasing the conversation with his father. Logic revealed he declined his father’s request. “Please don’t ask me for money– can we just like throw Fu*cking catch or some Sh*t?” Additionally, he revealed his dad asked for a new car and for him to pay all his bills.

Logic Declines His Dad’s Request

Moreover, this has not been the first time he spoke about his reconnection with his father. In January, he posted a video on his Instagram showcasing him spending time with his father. In the video, Logic asks his father to give advice to his nearly 7 million Instagram followers. “Keep it real,” his dad said. Hilariously, he follows up on his response with “When keeping it real goes wrong, you’re in a h*ll of a lot of trouble.” In the interview, Logic also released how his views of the importance of family pushed him to reconnect with his dad.

Furthermore, Logic also stated he is working on an album with his father. He is looking to teach his dad a few music lessons including “black ownership.” As family remains at the forefront, Logic continues to include family moments on his social media as he is gearing up to be a father again.

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