Master P Calls to “Free Mystikal!” Amid Rape Charge

Master P Calls to “Free Mystikal!” Amid Rape Charge

Master P showed support for fellow rapper Mystikal on Saturday, who has been indicted with a first-degree rape charge. During his performance at the Lovers & Friends festival in Las Vegas, Master P shouted “Free Mystikal!” to his audience. He also told fans to “get [their] hands up for [his] dawg.” He went on to further show his support, playing Mystikal’s tracks “Here I Go” and “Shake Ya Ass.” Master P’s hot take has garnered some negative attention on Twitter. Many feel as though he’s is in the wrong for showing support for the rapper who has faced several sexual assault allegations in the past.

Arrested at the end of July 2022, Mystikal is now in custody with no possibility of bail. He was booked and charged with three misdemeanors, including false imprisonment, criminal damage to property worth less than $1,000, and prohibited acts of drug paraphernalia. The alleged victim of the rapper claims that she was imprisoned in his home after he took her car keys. He also allegedly punched the woman and pulled out her hair. She alleges that Mystikal also made her pray with him and then splashed her with rubbing alcohol to rid her of “bad spirits” prior to the alleged rape. The events allegedly took place after he accused her of stealing $100 from him. The woman later escaped and was able to get to a hospital to receive treatment and call the police. She suffered minor injuries consistent with rape.

Mystikal Faces Life In Prison

Mystikal’s defense has called the charges he now faces “immaterial, impertinent and scandalous.” He requested bond in October, which he has not received. His defense later filed a motion for a gag order, citing an “inordinate amount of publicity.”

If convicted, Mystikal will serve life in prison under state law. Mystikal has been previously convicted, having served six years in prison for sexual battery in 2004. After being released in 2010, the artist became a registered sex offender in Louisiana. Shortly after his release, he was additionally charged with domestic battery, and again in 2017 for alleged rape and kidnapping. The case came about after his former hair stylist came forward and alleged that he made her perform sexual acts with him. Charges for this 2017 case were later dropped due to a lack of evidence. On top of his current charges, the rapper is facing five separate drug charges as well.

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