Nicki Minaj Blocks Fan On Twitter Over Unflattering Drawing

Nicki Minaj Blocks Fan On Twitter Over Unflattering Drawing

A user recently posted on social media revealing that Nicki Minaj had blocked them on Twitter after they jokingly shared a drawing they did of Minaj. The user shared their work alongside the inspiration for the drawing, highlighting that the drawing is not exactly flattering to the artist. The post was captioned, “okay just finished, thoughts?” The Barb, user @JASEPRINT, later shared a screenshot of Minaj’s Twitter profile, which reveals that she had blocked them. They shared the screenshot with the caption, “omg queen it was a joke,” along with some laughing-crying emojis. The user then asks Nicki to “Please unblock [them].”

The Neighborhood Talk shared the series of two photos on Instagram today, which got some reactions in the comments. One user wrote, “Lmao now y’all know she don’t play that shit on Twitter,” along with laughing emojis. “She blocked somebody before for drawing a ugly ass picture of her,” they say. Another user simply commented, “That’s onEEKa.”

Nicki Is Not Having It

Earlier this month, Minaj shared her gratitude for her family on Instagram for Mother’s Day. “All I can think about is how sleep deprived my husband & I were,” she writes about her son, Papa Bear. “And how I wouldn’t trade even one minute of the journey to becoming your mom.” Minaj continued the post, saying her son is lucky to have “3 diff moms in this slide.” She tells him, “Papa, one day I hope you’ll know how lucky you are to have them.” Minaj also thanks her own mother, saying, “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy. Thank you for bringing me to church with you when I was a kid.” She continues, thanking her mother-in-law, “Happy Mother’s Day to my husband’s mother who helped us soooo much in the first year so we could get a few hours of sleep sometimes.”

The artist also shared new details of her upcoming album and teased a tour earlier this month on Twitter. Minaj wrote, “Oh yes fractions warned, SFG did what fractions warned. Red Ruby Da Sleeze MOTHERED so hard & is now the standard.” “NM5 is the best thing that will come out of 2023 & will raise the bar to new & unreachable heights. NM5 tour will be hailed as ‘genius.’ That’s it & that’s all,” she said.

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