Nicki Minaj Shows New Video Of Her Son Dancing To Her Music

Nicki Minaj Shows New Video Of Her Son Dancing To Her Music

Nicki Minaj is no stranger to sharing adorable images of her son with her fans. Known only as Papa Bear, the toddler has gained the hearts of many on social media. Having given birth in December 2020, the mom and wife have settled into motherhood flawlessly while having a thriving career. To fans’ delight, she has shared an update on Papa Bear and it appears he’s a fan of his mother’s music.

The “Super Bass” rapper shared a video, first on TikTok showing her handsome boy dancing to her “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” record. In another scene, he totes around a basketball with his father, Kenneth Petty heard in the background. The couple has never shared his real name with fans, leaving them to speculate. Some social media rumors have referred to him as “Jacob” while others have said his name is “Carter.” That information will likely be revealed in time, but only when the couple’s see’s fit.

Nicki Minaj Welcomed Her Son In 2020

Late last year, Minaj was forced to fend off rumors that she was pregnant. Critics pointed out her weight gain and claimed a baby announcement was coming soon. Minaj shot down the rumors, but that still didn’t stop trolls from commenting on her body. After the wedding in 2019, Minaj has only shared glimpses into her family life. If a new baby was on the horizon for the new couple, it likely wouldn’t be immediately announced. Minaj did not share her now famous maternity shoot until she was far into her first pregnancy. Even in her marriage to Petty, she has never shared images from her vows.

It seems that Minaj has found a way to balance her privacy and keep her fans up-to-date with life. Elsewhere in her universe, she is preparing for an album while also being a new exec. She has launched her own label. Her starting roster includes Nana Fofie, Tate Kobang, Rico Danna, and London Hill. As far as her own new work, no release date has been announced. As for now, cute images of Papa Bear is the only new announcements fan have to look forward to. Though, she did unveil a new track with NBA Youngboy titled “WTF” that is a sneak peek into what’s to come.

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