NLE Choppa Wants To Pay Every Woman’s Rent

NLE Choppa appears to be ready to share his wealth with all the women in the world. The 20-year-old Rapper took to Twitter to express his wishes to pay the rent of every woman in the world. “I wish I can pay every girl in the world rent,” he said. In an attempt to continue to prove his single status, NLE has gone on a series of appearances with various women publically.

In addition, NLE’s back-and-forth spree with his Ex-Girlfriend, Marissa DeNae over his relationship status appeared to the forefront last month. Recently, Marissa revealed her pregnancy with NLE as she had undergone a series of IVF treatments. She voiced her frustrations with the rapper on Instagram claiming his absence during her pregnancy. Last week, NLE made an appearance on The Morning Hustle Radio Show to further defend his single status. “I am not in a relationship,” he said. “Some people delusional,” he added.

NLE Choppa’s Tweet

NLE has not been shy about expressing his crushes within the industry. Last November, NLE named his single “Ice Spice” after the breakout rap star who recently collaborated with Nicki Minaj. Ice Spice has become one of the most sought-after women in Hip Hop following her debut single “Munch” in 2022. NLE captioned the song’s cover art with “She thought I was feeling her? She was right,” accompanied by a laughing emoji as a play on her lyrics in the song. Unphased, Ice Spice responded with lyrics to her “Bikini Bottom” single.

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