Playboi Carti Producer Explains How Leaks Ruined Album Release

Playboi Carti is someone who likes to tease new albums and then pull out at the last second. Overall, this has led to a whole lot of despair amongst his fanbase. For the most part, people are kind of fed up with not getting new Carti music. The last time we got an album from the artist was back in 2020 with Whole Lotta Red. Subsequently, fans have been hoping for a new release. Months ago, we were supposed to get one with Narcissist, however, it never came. Since that time, numerous leaks have hit the internet.

In fact, these leaks have largely been blamed for Playboi Carti and his constant album delays. Although, fans do not seem to care about Carti’s cyber security. They want to listen to music, and they will go to any means to make it happen. For instance, some fans took their comments to one of Carti’s producers, F1lthy. The producer was recently streaming some video games when one fan asked for answers in regard to what Carti is doing right now. As F1lthy explains, a lot of supporters fumbled the bag by being too curious.

Playboi Carti Had Plans To Drop Something

Essentially, as F1lthy reveals, Playboi Carti did have an album that he was planning to drop. However, the leakers ended up ruining it for people. As a result, Carti decided to scrap the album and start all over again. Overall, this is something that happened during the lead-up to Whole Lotta Red. Now, fans will have to reckon with it all over again. It is disappointing news, however, it is par for the course at this point. The message is clear. If you want new Carti music, stop paying attention to leaks.

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