Rich Paul Breaks Down How He Would Advise Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson’s contract negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens could soon be coming to an end. Jackson has been in a deadlock with the Ravens on how both parties could move forward. However, recent reports are saying that all of the drama in Baltimore could soon be over. But that hasn’t stopped everyone from trying to figure out what the issue is between the Ravens and Jackson. On Thursday, Kay Adams asked sports agent Rich Paul what his thoughts are on the situation.

Paul didn’t want to step on any toes. As Jackson is not officially under the banner of any agent. However, Paul believes there has to be someone behind the scenes pulling all the strings for Jackson. While that person may not want the recognition of being Jackson’s agent. However, Paul believes that someone is helping Jackson make these decisions. But Paul didn’t give away any massive news on how Jackson should handle his situation. Check out the interview between Paul and Adams below.

Lamar Jackson Contract Drama Nearing End

Paul didn’t take a stance on either side. As a potential suitor for Jackson if the QB ever decides on an agent. Paul believes this situation is just like every other athlete’s contract negotiation. The leader of the Klutch Sports Group mentioned that every player’s situation is different. Including how the Ravens and Jackson are feeling during these negotiations. Whatever the case may be, Paul is rooting for the two sides to come together. As Paul seems to be a big of Jackson.

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