Rick Ross’ Cannabis Partner Gifted Him $130k Worth Of Jewelry

It doesn’t matter how good your 4/20 was because Rick Ross had a better one. In celebration of the day, the rapper received a pretty insane amount of jewelry from his cannabis partner, High Tolerance. They apparently have him $130,000 worth of jewelry as a gift. In a video shared by TMZ on April 25th, Manny, the CEO of High Tolerance, presented Ross with a ring, chain, and pendant. They acted as a costly token of appreciation. The chain boasts more than 19 carats of diamonds and is worth $40,000. The pendant is made of 14k rose gold and has a value of over $30,000. The ring, worth $60,000, contains over 22 carats of VS1 and f-colored diamonds, as well as 14k gold.

In March, Rick Ross formed a partnership with High Tolerance to create a cannabis strain called “Collins Ave.” The new strain is expected to be released on June 1. Ross expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that High Tolerance has the finest flower on the market. He also credited Manny, the CEO of High Tolerance, for his exceptional products. Manny, for his part, praised Rick Ross as a genuine cannabis expert. The company has partnered with many other celebrities in the past, including JadakissJim JonesGhostface KillahJuelz Santana, and more. This is not the first foray into cannabis businesses for Ross, however.

Rick Ross’ Various Weed Ventures

Rick Ross has a history of using the name of his old Miami neighborhood for his weed business. In 2020, he collaborated with Berner’s Cookies cannabis brand to create “Collins Ave,” a line that included three carefully chosen strains: Collins Ave, Pink Rozay, and Lemon Pepper. At the time, he expressed his desire to establish himself as a leader in the cannabis industry and provide a high-quality product to consumers, particularly in the southern United States. Ross commended Berner and Cookies as the best in the business and voiced his admiration for their product.

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