Scottie Pippen’s Ex-Wife Larsa Pippen Recalls The Moment She Realized Her Feelings For Michael Jordan’s Son

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan’s (one-sided) feud turned out to be one of the most surprising sports-related developments of the past few years. However, not too many people probably could’ve predicted the surprising turn of events that would follow it. Scottie’s ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, was later romantically linked to Jordan’s son, Marcus. While their romance was only a rumor at first, the two have since gone public with their relationship. So Larsa had no problem discussing the moment she truly realized her feelings for Marcus.

Plenty of people likely remember the moment they officially fell for that special person in their lives. For some, it could happen during a special vacation while, for others, the realization may have occurred during a simple night at home. When Larsa Pippen discussed her own moment with Marcus Jordan, she explained that it occurred during one of their date nights. And interestingly enough, it involved another woman:

I think it was one night we went out and there was a girl that was there. She was trying to talk to him, and I was getting jealous over it. And it was weird because I’m not really the jealous person, but I was jealous over the situation. And so then, I was thinking maybe I do really like him. That kind of sealed the deal.

Jealousy is known for bringing out the worst in people but, based on People’s interview with the 48-year-old Real Housewives star, it sounds like it brought out something a bit more positive in her. Sometimes love can happen at first sight but, on certain occasions, it needs a little boost to bring it out. And based on what the public has seen of the couple in recent weeks, both seem happy with how things have shaken out.

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Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan were first romantically linked in September 2022, at which point they were spotted on what appeared to be a “double date” while in Miami. Months later, Pippen was asked outright if she and the 32-year-old Jordan were an item and she denied the claims at the time. As she put it, they’d “been friends for the last couple of years” and that she wasn’t looking to jump back into the dating pool. Since then, Pippen – who was married to Scottie for over two decades – appears to have no problem claiming her man now, though.

While the two seem to have their supporters, they also have a number of (very vocal) detractors. Case in point, they went on a date and were screamed at by a bystander, with the video of the encounter eventually going viral. The person’s comments, which were mainly aimed at Michael Jordan’s son, referenced the conflict between Michael and Scottie Pippen.

It would seem that Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan aren’t going to let the haters deter them from seeing each other, though.  As Pippen mentioned later in her interview, “timing is everything,” and it sounds like she and her beau hooked up amid a prime period in her life. As they enjoy their romantic bliss, fans will surely be watching to see if they prove to be endgame or decide to go back to being friends at some point.

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