Snoop Dogg Gives Los Angeles Lakers New Nickname After Playoffs Upset

Snoop Dogg Gives Los Angeles Lakers New Nickname After Playoffs Upset


Snoop Dogg was rightly amped after the Los Angeles Lakers upset the Memphis Grizzlies in the first game of their NBA playoffs series, and has even given the team a new nickname.

A fired-up Snoop took to Instagram on Sunday (April 16) following the Lakers’ 128-112 victory, where he hilariously dubbed the Lakeshow the “United Nations” due to their diverse international roster, which includes players from Germany, Sudan, Japan and beyond.

“Let’s go Lakers! Let’s go, baby,” Tha Doggfather began his victory speech. “The fuck y’all say about my Lakers, n-gga, huh?! We in here now, n-gga. It’s a series. You gotta beat us four muthafuckin’ times, n-gga.

“We got United Nations over here. We got Asians, white boys, n-ggas — boy, we cold! The Lakers got a cold squad, baby. We on it like we want it. Ay Bubba, let me hear from ya, punk. Lakers in six, punk!”

Some fans were less concerned with Snoop Dogg’s trash talking and more concerned with the relatively small and old TV monitor he was watching the game on.

“Snoop making to much money to be watching the game on that bull shit ass tv,” one person wrote in the comments section, while another asked: “Uncle snoop where the hell are you watching the game at ? You look like you’re watching it in the closet!”

The West Coast icon is feeling good about his beloved Lakers’ chances of winning their first-round series against the Memphis Grizzlies after stealing game 1 on the road, despite being the No. 7 seed in the West.

Grizzlies star Ja Morant’s status for game 2 is currently “in jeopardy” after taking a hard fall on his right hand.

LeBron James posted 21 points and 11 rebounds, while Anthony Davis anchored the team’s defense with a game-high seven blocks. However, it was two unlikely heroes who carried the Lakers to victory as Austin Reeves and Rui Hachimura combined for 52 points.

Game 2 in Memphis is currently set for Wednesday night (April 17) at 7:30 p.m. ET as the Los Angeles Lakers will look to go up 2-0 in the series.

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