Snoop Dogg Joins Bid For Ottawa Senators Ownership

Snoop Dogg has become more than just a music icon. The legendary entertainer has always been a huge sports fan. Including wearing his heart on his sleeve for his Los Angeles Lakers recent playoff run. As well as stealing the show at this past year’s Wrestlemania. Now, Snoop is looking to extend his reach to more than just being a sports fan. The Rap legend is looking to become a sports franchise owner. However, it may be in the sport that everyone would least expect.

On Monday, Snoop made an Instagram post expressing his excitement about the possibility of becoming an NHL owner. The Ottawa Senators are the latest NHL franchise looking for new ownership. “Amazing what @neko_sparks is trying to do in Ottawa & I’m looking forward to being apart of that ownership team. I WANNA BRING HOCKEY TO OUR COMMUNITY,” Snoop captioned in a photo of Sparks being connected to the Senators. However, Snoop isn’t the only celebrity interested in becoming an owner of the NHL franchise.

Snoop Dogg Wants To Bring The NHL To The Culture

Candian megastar Ryan Reynolds is also part of a separate ownership bid for the Ottawa franchise. Reynolds already has some experience as a sports owner. As the ‘Deadpool’ star, along with Rob McElhenney, are owners of the National League soccer team Wrexham A.F.C. However, Reynolds has long desired a chance to become an NHL owner. However, it doesn’t seem that the franchise is leaning one way or another with the direction they are looking for new ownership.

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