Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, Lil Kim Headline Audible Hip Hop Series

Hip hop as a genre has its roots in 70s New York. Growing out of Black neighborhoods in the Bronx, the music found a deep and passionate fanbase among the block parties that defined the area in that era. By the start of the 1980s, disco-inspired “old school hip hop” was starting to get playtime on radio stations. Furthermore, as the decade progressed, more subgenres emerged and diversified hip hop.

Hip hop is now a global genre, with artists and festivals around the world. The genre has seen artists from England to Tanzania to the Phillipines find success. Furthermore, there are festivals ranging from the US to Finland’s Blockfest. 2023 was marked as the 50th anniversary of hip hop’s birth. A variety of celebrations and content has been prepared across the world. TV networks and other content creators are preparing special programming to celebrate the occasion. Additionally, one of the companies to most recently announce their plan is Audible.

Audible Announces “Hip Hop 50” Series

Audible, the audiobook and podcast platform owned by Amazon, has announced a special series of hip-hop programming between June and August. The series will be headlined by Snoop Dogg‘s Words + Music Vol. 36 | From the Streets, to the Suites. Further volumes of Words + Music will come from Yassim Bey (Mos Def) and Lil Kim. Each episode will have the performer telling their life story and journey in a never before heard way. Each episode promises to be intimate and fascinating, as the performer unveils their journey through hip hop.

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