Suge Knight Claims Snoop Dogg Illegally Acquired Death Row Records

Suge Knight Claims Snoop Dogg Illegally Acquired Death Row Records

Suge Knight has a bone to pick with the new owners of Death Row Records. If you recall, Snoop announced the acquisition of the label in 2022 shortly after Trump pardoned Michael “Harry-O” Harris. However, it came to the surprise of Suge Knight, who believes that the acquisition moved forward on fraudulent grounds. During an interview with TMZ, Suge accused his former business partner, Harry-O, of committed bankruptcy fraud to acquire the label from him.

Firstly, Suge said that he doubted whether Snoop actually owns the label, explaining that the catalog will likely return to his possession. However, his major issue regarding the new ownership is Harry-O’s involvement. “They committed fraud, they bankruptcy fraud. I didn’t lose my company by doing anything wrong. They went in and the lawyer didn’t show up, and they got a default judgment,” he explained. Suge said that he previously settled the judgment, though he said the owners at the time said that he didn’t.

What’s Suge Knight’s Beef With Death Row?

Suge further explained that only recently did he find out that they went behind his back to acquire the label from MNRK Music Group. “But they committed bankruptcy fraud which we just found out for sure last week. When they filed for bankruptcy in ’95, they said it didn’t have anything to do with Death Row,” he added. Ultimately, he labeled the settlement as “illegal.” “You can’t take the person who committed the worst crime of the century, taking Death Row from Black people and try to give it to white people, and think he gonna grab Snoop and they gonna get it back. It doesn’t work like that.”

Though Suge might not have ownership of the label, that isn’t preventing him from sharing their story. The executive recently announced that he’s developing a new series based on his life story, which he described as on par with BMF. The show will explore Suge’s rise to becoming one of the most notorious figures in the music industry. We’ll keep you posted on any more updates on the series. Check out Suge Knight’s interview above.

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