Sukihana Performance On Jerry Springer Resurfaces

Sukihana has recently garnered attention in the press for a number of reasons. Recently, it was because she had a dispute with fellow rapper Lil Mama on social media. The disagreement stemmed from NLE Choppa’s latest music video, in which Sukihana made an appearance. Lil Mama accused Sukihana of setting back the progress of black women because of her role in the video. The whole argument started when Choppa shared a photo from the video shoot for his “Slut Me Out” remix, featuring Sukihana and Sexyy Red on all fours. In the photo, Choppa leads them by their hair like they are dogs. Lil Mama reportedly left a comment under Choppa’s post, which she later deleted, causing Sukihana to voice her opinions on Twitter.

Today, Sukihana is in the press again for an entirely different reason. After the death of Jerry Springer, which was announced this morning, a clip of the rapper has gone viral. The video features Suki performing on Springer’s show back in 2017. The episode, titled “Sex For Rent,” features the rapper’s once-viral hit “5 Foot Freestyle.” She performs the song on an elevated catwalk before joining a couple on stage. The video came as a shock to many fans who never knew the rapper appeared on the show. However, it is far less shocking than an interview Sukihana recently did. In it, she revealed some extremely personal details about her bedroom preferences.

Sukihana Is a “Super Freaky Girl”

In a new clip of an interview on The Jason Lee Show, Sukihana leaves host Jason Lee absolutely speechless. Referencing Yung Miami’s previous comments about liking golden showers, the rapper said, “I feel like Yung Miami. I love when a n*gga p*ss on me.” There was a very pronounced silence after she said this, but Sukihana made it clear that she thinks many women are just afraid to speak out about what they like. “That was real b*tch. Y’all h*s scared to talk about what the f*ck you like because you so worried about what these b*tches gone think.” Jason Lee simply stares with his mouth open in shock as the rapper speaks about her kinky streak. Unfortunately for him, Sukihana was nowhere near finished.

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