Taylor Swift shares update after she injured her hand during her show

Taylor Swift is letting her fans know she is “gooooood” after injuring herself during one of her recent concerts.

On April 24, the multi-Grammy winner posted a slideshow of photos from her Eras Tour, thanking her fans for a great time before addressing their concerns over her cut hand.

“Just got to play 3 insane shows in Houston and I’m waking up smiling reminiscing about how much fun we all had,” Swift wrote on her Instagram. “Loving this tour so much because of the passion these crowds put into it all — seriously can’t wait for Atlanta.”

She then addressed her injury, adding, “PS for those asking how I cut my hand, I’m totally fine and it was my fault completely — tripped on my dress hem and fell in the dark backstage while running to a quick change — braced my fall with my palm.”

“It was all very Mercury in retrograde coded. Don’t worry about me I’m gooooood,” she concluded.

The “Anti-Hero” singer performed three shows at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Over the last couple of days, fans shared videos and photos of Swift’s bloody palm during her show.

“for those wondering about taylor’s wrist here’s what happened,” one Twitter user wrote on April 23, before starting a thread detailing the incident. “she cut right below her palm sometime in the change btwn tolerate it -> RFI. her wrist is fine by the end of tolerate it and by the time she walks down the stage for rfi you see the blood near her palm.”

In the follow-up tweets, videos show Swift with a bandage around her hand, and at times holding down so it doesn’t come off.

Fans praised the singer’s dedication and commitment to giving them a great show despite her injury.

“taylor’s insane bc she performed two nights with her hand hurt and missing a piece but when I get a paper cut I cancel all my plans bc it hurts too much,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote, “taylor’s dedication is unreal. i cannot believe she performed with her hand THAT injured last night, without letting on that something was going on. we do not deserve her.”

“taylor is actually better than me cuz i cut my hand like this accidentally and i literally couldn’t stop crying cuz it hurt as hell she’s literally a superhuman,” another fan wrote alongside a zoomed in shot of her hand.

Swift will next perform three shows at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, starting April 28.

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