The Weeknd Didn’t Think He Had The Right Look For R&B

The Weeknd is one of the biggest stars in the world and has been for quite some time. He is also well known for making some of the darkest, sexiest music ever. If you need an example, all you have to do is look at his latest collaboration with Future, “Double Paradise.” Can you imagine a time where Abel didn’t think he had the right look for R&B? Some may find it difficult to do. However, Abel has opened up in a new chat with Interview Magazine about how he used to think he didn’t fit the mold of what R&B was supposed to be.

“I wanted to be very calculated about how I wanted people to see me or hear my music,” The Weeknd said. “The initial reason I did that was I didn’t think I was marketable when I was younger, especially for R&B. I didn’t think I had the right look.” Of course, when he says “the right look,” Abel is referring to how sexy R&B was expected to be back in the day. “The R&B look was very sexual… Obviously there were a lot of singers that didn’t have the conventional R&B look, but for me it was more of a personal thing. I liked getting an unbiased reaction from my music.”

The Weeknd On Building a Career On Mystique

It is difficult to comment on whether or not the public opinion of The Weeknd’s music is unbiased. There are many who find him extremely attractive. However, more than anything, Abel has been praised for his skill. It seems as though he got exactly what he wanted. “People got to just judge me for the art, for the music I was putting out,” he said. “So it worked in my favor, and then it became a gimmick. No one else was doing it at the time, so it was a breath of fresh air.”

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