Tyrese Wants To Challenge Child Support Ruling

Tyrese Wants To Challenge Child Support Ruling

Last year, Tyrese was ordered to pay $10,000 a month in child support to his ex, Samantha Lee Gibson. The ruling went viral after TMZ released footage of Tyrese being scolded by Judge Kevin M. Farmer. That resulted in Tyrese filing a petition of recusal against Farmer as the divorce proceedings continued.

While the petition was unsuccessful, it doesn’t appear as if Tyrese has moved on. In a new video, Tyrese is once again going after Judge Farmer. The impassioned implies corruption, invokes some big-name figures, and challenges the entire courtroom proceedings from last year.

“I am asking my friends and my family, my attorney Benjamin Crump to join me at the courthouse,” Tyrese begins. “I am asking Ambassador Andrew Young, ex-mayor of Atlanta and one of my nearest beloved brothers and friends to meet me. I’m asking Martin Luther King III, my brother, to meet me in the courthouse.” Let’s pause here to quickly introduce this plethora of name-dropping. Benjamin Crump is a civil rights specialist, especially famous for representing families of police brutality victims. Andrew Young was a major figure in the civil rights movement and later served as UN Ambassador and Mayor of Atlanta. Martin Luther King III is the oldest son of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

Tyrese is calling on these civil rights heavyweights to help investigate the conduct of Judge Farmer. “I want this man to do exactly what he’s there to do on that bench, according to the law,” Tyrese continued, “You know what else I’m gonna ask? I’m gonna ask all the judges, and anyone who can step in and help me, to do a specific review. To pull up all the transcripts for every father that Judge Farmer ever had to be on the bench for. I want you to pull up the transcripts and really pick up and point out on everything that’s been discussed.” Tyrese also went on to say that he will be specifically contested the various motions filed by Lee Gibson. So buckle in, because it sounds like Tyrese is going to war. For anything that happens in this case, be sure to follow it on HotNewHipHop.

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