Usher Wants To Work With Martin Scorsese

In an interview with The Shade Room posted earlier this week, Texas-born R&B singer Usher revealed his dream collaboration. The singer’s pick was legendary director Martin Scorsese. This came as a surprise to fans, as Usher is mostly known for his musical endeavors, however, he has dabbled in film in the past. Usher appeared in the 2010 film Killers, 1998’s The Faculty, 1999 romantic comedy She’s All That, and more.

In the interview, he also said that he wants to continue to “spread his wings outside of music,” and feels as though Scorsese could help him do so. He added, “as an actor and creative, it’s a lot of really incredible directors.” Usher also shared that he believes we need “more musicals that speak to our idea of what we consider entertainment,” citing the “theatrical” elements of his performances.

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Usher Wants To Branch Out

Usher has collaborated with several other musicians in the past, including Young ThugJuicy J, Diddy, and more. In the same interview, he confirmed that he’s not planning to put out a sequel to his 2004 album, Confessions. He said, “There’s space and opportunity to think of new ideas,” calling the album “a brilliant one.” Adding, “For every producer, writer, and creative that had anything to do with it, we celebrate 20 years of an album.” Discussing the longevity of the record, he said “most people don’t even have careers that last that long.”

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