Wack 100 Calls J. Prince A Clout Chaser

Wack 100 is someone who is not afraid of getting himself wrapped up in controversy. Overall, he is always on social media calling people out for their behavior. Although you may not always agree with him, he certainly stands on his word. Moreover, he will get into it with anybody, regardless of their status. This was certainly true of his public feud with J. Prince. Earlier this year, Wack had some words for J. Prince after he claimed that Offset wanted him to come to Los Angeles to help Cardi B with a situation.

Subsequently, Cardi accused J. Prince of spewing “Fairy Tales.” Additionally, Cardi spoke positively of Wack 100 during the whole situation. This led to some strong comments from Wack, who eventually decided to put his J. Prince hate on pause. Now, however, he is back to criticizing Prince on social media. Overall, it all has to do with J Prince’s recent post, congratulating Johnny “Crusher” Jackson and Pierre “P” Thomas on their recent success. As you will see, Wack 100 didn’t feel like the post was very sincere.

Wack 100 Is Not Fond Of J. Prince

“SWIPE LEFT @jprincerespect CLOUT CHASING AT ITS FINEST,” Wack said, matter of factly. “N**** DONT POST THIS LIKE ITS GOOD. THIS PIC WAS TOOK 2021 WHEN IT WAS GOOD NOT 4 HRS AGO MORE LIKE 18 MONTHS AGO.” Needless to say, it seems like Wack 100 doesn’t care about his recent truce with the Rap-A-Lot Records founder. These days have actually been pretty busy for Wack 100 in the beef department. One could harken back to his screaming match with Maino to see exactly what we mean. Either way, it is clear that Wack is on the offensive right now.

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