Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Film “Bad Boys 4” Shootout On Atlanta Streets

Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Film “Bad Boys 4” Shootout On Atlanta Streets

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are currently actively involved in the production of their new movie, Bad Boys 4. The dynamic duo experienced great success at the box office when they joined forces once again for the third installment of the Bad Boys series, titled Bad Boys for Life, in 2020. Recently, the two were seen on set in Atlanta filming scenes for this highly anticipated fourth installment. In an Instagram video posted in January, the two actors thrilled fans with the announcement of the upcoming film, captioning it with the words “IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME!”

During the CinemaCon event in April, Smith and Lawrence appeared in a special video to address their absence from the Las Vegas gathering. They playfully explained that they couldn’t attend because they were fully engaged in the filming of the sequel, which had already been in progress for four weeks at that point. With a touch of humor, Lawrence jokingly stated, “We’re not sorry we couldn’t be there.” Smith chimed in, saying, “We’re glad we’re not there because we’re here, and they’re paying us to be here.” Both actors expressed genuine excitement and enthusiasm for Bad Boys 4, describing themselves as “hyped” about the project. The new footage below shows that they are still filming the sequel.

Smith And Lawrence Come Out Guns Blazing For “Bad Boys 4”

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were once again captured on film shooting a scene for Bad Boys 4. The gripping and remarkably realistic action scene was shot in an Atlanta neighborhood. TMZ obtained exclusive footage taken from a nearby building. It showcases the cast and crew as they filmed an intense shoot-out sequence for the highly-anticipated sequel.

In the video, Detectives Mike Lowrey (played by Will Smith) and Marcus Miles Burnett (played by Martin Lawrence) take center stage in a fast-paced and explosive sequence. The scene depicts the two characters navigating through a parking lot. There, they suddenly find themselves under attack, with a hail of bullets raining down on them. In the midst of the chaos, they seek cover while retaliating against their assailants. Sadly, a couple of their fellow police officers appear to be taken down during the intense firefight. Martin and Will’s characters managed to survive the onslaught, of course. It is a fitting and unsurprising outcome for the stars of this action-packed franchise.

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