Will Smith Smiles On First Post-Slap Set

Will Smith Smiles On First Post-Slap Set

Will Smith – renowned actor, 90s music star, slapper. For over a year now, the only thing that people have talked about in regard to Smith is the 2022 Oscars incident. After one too many jokes about his wife Jada, Smith stormed the stage at the 2022 Oscars, slapping host Chris Rock. The moment immediately went viral, with Smith gaining both supporters and detractors. One of his biggest detractors was the Academy itself, who banned the actor from attending for the next decade. The slap heard around the world has since come to define Smith.

However, Smith has not completely retreated from Hollywood. Aside from the release of 2022’s Emancipation, he is back to working on yet another action blockbuster. Recent photos place him on set in Atlanta, in the heart of Georgia’s filmmaking scene. But the shoot isn’t for an emotional drama or historical piece. Instead, Smith is returning to one of his best-known characters for his latest role. And no, it’s the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Smith Spotted on “Bad Boys 4” Set

According to a report by TMZ, Smith was spotted in good spirits in Atlanta. While seen smiling, it’s hard to say if that was during a filming moment or not. Specifically, he was there as part of filming for Bad Boys 4. Smith will be reprising the role of Detective Mike Lowery. The production of Bad Boys 4, which was initially halted due to the Oscars incident, has been known for some time now. In February 2023, Questlove revealed Smith had had to drop out of a surprise appearance at the Grammys due to his filming commitments.

Little is known about Bad Boys 4. The last time Detectives Lowery and Burnett (Martin Lawrence) were seen was in 2020’s Bad Boys For Life. That installment of the long-running franchise holds a 76% critics rating and 96% audience rating on Rotten TomatoesBad Boys For Life screenwriter Chris Bremmer will reportedly pen the fourth film also. It’s good to see Smith, who has expressed remorse about the Oscars incident, getting back into the swing of filming. More details about Bad Boys 4 are likely to emerge later in 2023.

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