Wiz Khalifa Explains Why Max B Is One Of His Favorite Rappers

Wiz Khalifa Explains Why Max B Is One Of His Favorite Rappers

Wiz Khalifa has been a huge Max B fan for years, and he elaborated on what makes the Harlem rapper one of his faves in a new interview.

While appearing on Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin podcast this week, the Taylor Gang CEO was asked by co-host DJ Whoo Kid what makes Biggavel one of his inspirations – and there are multiple reasons.

“I love Max B – his attitude,” Wiz began. “He just had a really dope, just real in-your-face real confidence. I looked up to that. I look up to his melodies – like how he mixed melody and rap. And his consistency too. Dude had like 28 mixtapes before he went to jail. At that point in my life, it was like, that’s a dude that I can relate to because I’m like man, I’m tryna go that hard too. I want to be in peoples’ faces too.”

He continued: “I’m that confident about my music as well. He was like, really still an underground artist but people like me and Curren$y and a couple other people, we really gravitated towards him and seen the polish in all of that.”

Check out the full episode below.

Max B has been behind bars since 2009 – right when Wiz was really getting started in music. But according to French Montana, his Coke Wave collaborator will finally be home this month.

“MY BROTHER WAS FACING 75 YEARS .. HE TOLD ME TO TELL YALL HE‘LL BE HOME IN APRIL!!” French wrote in January. “SILVER SURFER Live from the can [wave emoji] Free the Count [100 emoji] ‘LEMONADE’ VIDEO .. Coke Boys 6 OUT NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS.”

His tweet was accompanied by Max B’s aforementioned “Lemonade” video, which opens with footage of him addressing French Montana and the rest of his fans via a prison phone call.

“It’s Max Biggavel. French, what’s good, my n-gga? I’m coming, baby. I’m on they ass,” he says. “Boy looking good, I’m working, got the weight off of me, the weight is up. It’s ‘Lemonade,’ baby, it’s the video. Get ready for it. French Monbega, owww! I love you, beloved. You killin’ them out here.”

Max B (real name Charley Wingate) was handed his initial 75-year prison sentence in September 2009 after being found guilty of nine of the 11 counts he was charged with.

The Harlem-born rapper is alleged to have plotted to rob two men with his stepbrother, Kelvin Leerdam, and ex-girlfriend, Gina Conway, at a Holiday Inn in New Jersey in 2006. The botched robbery resulted in one of the men being shot dead.

In September 2016, Max’s sentence was reduced to 20 years after he negotiated a plea bargain for aggravated manslaughter. His term was further shortened to 12 years in 2019 for undisclosed reasons.




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