Wiz Khalifa Gives Update On Unreleased Lex Lugar Collab

Wiz Khalifa Gives Update On Unreleased Lex Lugar Collab

Wiz Khalifa has some heat in the stash with popular producer Lex Luger – but there’s a reason why it has yet to see the light of day.

On Wednesday (May 17), the official Twitter account for Wiz’s Taylor Gang imprint shared a video clip from The Off Wrld Podcast where they talked about the unreleased song.


“At Something In The Water, Lex Luger played some unreleased shit he had with Wiz and Wiz need to drop that,” the co-host said as they previewed the moment from Pharrell‘s festival. “I know it’s old just by hearing it because Wiz doesn’t even rap like that anymore. But like, this shit is crazy.”

With a retweet, Wiz explained how Young Thug‘s incarceration impacted the song’s release.

“This was supposed to be on multiverse,” he explained. “i was waiting for a verse from Thug but his legal stuff happened so it stayed unreleased.”

Multiverse was released in July of last year – marking Wiz Khalifa’s third project of 2022. The 17-track effort featured appearances from Girl Talk and they, with production from the likes of Bankroll Got It, Hitmaka, Scott Storch, TM88 and more.

It’s unclear if Wiz will move forward with the song’s release sans Thug’s contribution, but it’s clear that the fans are looking for it!

“I love Max B – his attitude,” Wiz said on Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin podcast in April. “He just had a really dope, just real in-your-face real confidence. I looked up to that. I look up to his melodies – like how he mixed melody and rap. And his consistency too. Dude had like 28 mixtapes before he went to jail. At that point in my life, it was like, that’s a dude that I can relate to because I’m like man, I’m tryna go that hard too. I want to be in peoples’ faces too.”


He continued: “I’m that confident about my music as well. He was like, really still an underground artist but people like me and Curren$y and a couple other people, we really gravitated towards him and seen the polish in all of that.”

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